4L Car  Home Dorm Warming/Cooling Refrigerator
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4L Car Home Dorm Warming/Cooling Refrigerator
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  • Material: metal + plastic + electronic components
  • Uses: Car refrigerator, cooling/warming mini refrigerator, 4L car home dormitory dual-use refrigerator
  • Function: Cooling / warming 
  • Input voltage: DC12V / AC100-240V, 50-60Hz (AC power to be connected to the voltage adapter)
  • Switch Type: Manual switch
  • Capacity: 4L
  • Power: 65W
  • Plug specification: AU plug
  • Size: 25 * 23 * 16cm

1. Principle: different from the compressor-refrigerating ordinary home refrigerator, car refrigerator relies on electronic chip to refrigerate and uses special semiconductor materials P-N junction to form thermocouple pairs, resulting in the Peltier effect, that is to say, using a new cooling method via a DC voltage. Refrigeration temperature ranges from 5 to 65 degrees celsius. 
2. Cooling as well as warming : Normal temperature 25 degrees celsius, minimum cooling temperature 5-6 degrees celsius, maximum warming 60-65 degrees celsius (as appropriate).
3. Advantages and disadvantages: no need for refrigerant (which is required by compression and absorption type refrigerator), environmental pollution, small in size, low cost, no vibration, no noise, long life.
5. Disadvantage: the cooling temperature depends on the surrounding temperature, can not reach below zero, just suitable for preservation and heat insulation.
6.Scope of application: preservation and heat insulation for drinks, food, fruit, milk, red wine and some drugs that need low temperature storage.

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