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Q50 GPS Kid Children Tracker GPS LBS SIM Card SOS Call Activity Tracker
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  • Touch screen: NO
  • Storage: 128KB
  • Camera: NO
  • Microphone: YES
  • Call: YES
  • OS: Android/iOS
  • Operation mode: Button
  • Processor: 6261 364mhz
  • Network: GSM /2G netwoek
  • Cellular Band:GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
  • SIM: Micro SIM card
  • GSM positional accuracy: 50-200m
  • Speed accuracty: 0.1m/s
  • Battery: 3.7V 400mAh Li battery(inclueded)
  • USB interface: USB2.0
  • Standby time: 2-3 days
  • Screen size: Approx.3*2.2cm
  • Dial plate size: Approx.5.3*3.3*1.3cm
  • Color: Black/Deep blue
  • Material: Silicone
  • Suitable for: Kids

Note: When installing the SIM card, use a supplied screwdriver to open the rear cover screw of the watch, and then install the SIM card into the card slot.

Product operating instructions?

I. Preparation Before Use

1. Check whether the device’s model is correct or not, whether the accessories are all received.

2. Prepare a SIM card that supports GSM network; for the network, please consult your local operator. (Please turn off the device before insert your SIM card)

Support network: 2G, band: 850/900/180/1900mhz

3. The SIM card for the device needs to open GPRS function and caller ID function.

II. Detailed Operation

1. Insert the SIM card, turn the device on, then there will be “E” -- 2G network logo. Or it will show “no SIM card”.

(If you can’t turn the device on, please charge it for half an hour and try it again)

2. Scan the QR code in the manual to get the APP. There are QR codes for the Android and the iOS mobile phones.
3. Registration: Scan the 15-bit registration code or manually enter the registration code; the device is not IMEI. If the tag of registration code is lost, you can text “pw,123456,tsNo.” to the device’s SIM card. Your phone will receive a message in terms of the registration code, that is ID. Then follow the operating steps to register.

(Note: Please select the correct country or region when you register.)

4. Log In: After finishing your registration, enter the correct account and password in the login window, click “log in”, enter the home page to achieve the operation of the device.

III. Common Questions.

1. It prompts that it’s unable to register.

A: There are two general situations:

a. The device’s number does not exist or the number has been registered, please contact us (the seller) about it at once.
B. The account has been registered, that is, you just need to change another account that can be registered.

2. The device is unable to charge or you can not turn it on.

A: The device has less than 100% power after it leaves the factory. During the long-term transport, it may lose lots of power for the environment is always changing, which causes that it is unable to turn on when you receive it. At this case, connect the data cable with a 5V adapter, charge the device for about ten minutes, then it will prompt it is charging.

3. APP is downloaded, but the device can not connect with the phone. The App fails to send any command, prompting that the


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